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We always make sure that the quantity is in the appropriate measurement along with the range of quality. We supply and export our high-quality PP bags Or Polypropylene bags, Polypropylene Laminated Bags, Polypropylene Non-Laminated bags, Polypropylene sandbags, Polypropylene Gusseted bags, Polypropylene Valve Bags, Polypropylene Perforated Bags. BOPP Laminated Woven Bags- Seed Bags, Wheat Floor Bags, Rice Bags, Pulse Bags, Pet Food Bags, Animal Food Bags, Cattle Feed Bags. FIBC bags, Bulk Bags, Jumbo Bags, Builder Bags, Circular Bags, Tunnel Lift Bags, Cross Corner Bags, UN Bags, Baffle Bags, Single And Two Loop Bags, Ventilated Bags and type C Conductive Bags in a wide market. Further, we maintain international standards to export and deliver quality products to the clients. Consequently, our clients have trust in us as we believe in quality rather than quantity. As a result, we are available with our strong management specifications.


PP bags

categories of PP bags

PP/HDPE Non Laminated Woven Bags and Sacks

We are an exporter and manufacturer of the Non-laminated Polypropylene/HDPE woven bags and sacks. They are of premium quality that protects the material from outside elements. We export this range of bags and sacks have UV stabilization that adds the storage life. These bags and sacks are having strength as well as handle 30 GSM to 150 GSM and above. We also provide a customized range that is based on the client’s requirement. We export polypropylene bags and sacks used in fertilizers, sugar, milling, agriculture industries, etc. These bags and sacks we offer are available with various design specifications.

PP/HDPE Woven Bags & Sacks With Liner

We are manufacturer and exporter of Polypropylene HDPE woven bags and sacks with liner. We provide PP/HDPE liner bags and sacks which are useful for packaging of the products that have very fine particles. Hence, liner woven bags and sacks can protect the material from any leakage along with protection. The liner bags and sacks ensure the protection of the products that has packed into it. These liner PP woven bags and sacks are used in the chemical, fertilizers, milling industries. These liner bags and sacks have fine lines. Therefore, helpful in the retention of quality of the material.

PP/HDPE Woven Bags & Sacks Without Liner

We are an exporter and manufacturer of Polypropylene HDPE woven bags and sacks without the liner. The customization is available at Blue Vision for the clients. We are exporting in quality polypropylene woven bags and sacks. The range of bags and sacks without liner option useful for food grains, fertilizers, chemical, and milling industries etc. . Moreover, we provide colour and design customization for our clients. In addition to this, a customized option all depends on the requirement of the client. Our range of without liner bags and sacks are lightweight but enough capacity to handle the weight of 30 GSM to 140 GSM and above. They are also UV stabilization to protect the product from any harm.


We are leading exporter and manufacturer the range of sandbags. The sand-bags are available with or without a strap. We provide customization to our clients to give satisfaction. These Sand-Bags are non-laminated PP sandbags and also have a strap to tie the bag. We offer these sandbag with outer and inner lining. Hence, these bags can protect the material from leakage. These sandbags are enough strong to carry the appropriate weight. We manufacture the bags in a different design as well as color options. Further, we also give a customized option in design and color to satisfy the needs of the customer. We are as an exporter of the quality Sand Bags to our clients and therefore, it is a preferable choice.

We have both small polypropylene woven bags and bulk bags available in stock for various applications such as:

Gusseted bags

We are the exporter of PP/HDPE woven bags and sacks. The gusseted bags have gussets to adjust the height and width. We offer printed Polypropylene gusseted bags and sacks and non-printed Polypropylene gusseted bags and sacks. Gusseted bags and sacks are available in all sizes and as per the demand of the client. we customize the bags. In this way, we are able to provide full satisfaction to the clients. The laminated and Non-laminated PP woven gusseted bags and sacks are also available at Blue Vision. It has liner options are available from 20 microns to 70 microns and above. The weight gusseted bags can carry is 30 GSM to 150 GSM or above in the offered gusseted bags. We export gusseted bags also have the denier from 400 to 2000 denier or above is available. These bags have the ability to hold the weight of material such as fine, granules, powdered form. We manufacture gusseted bags with woven along with clear tapes. As a result, it helps to inspect the product without open the bag.

Polypropylene Valve Bags

We are manufacturer and exporter of Polypropylene woven valve bags and sacks. We offer PP valve bags in different shapes, color, design, and sizes. Our polished as well as unpolished PP valve bags at the competitive price for our clients. We also offer PP valve bags and sacks with customized printing option. We also export PP valve bags with Inner and Outer lamination or without lamination. Our offered Valve bags have Flexo printing and screen printing with 2, 4, 6 color for single and both side. The length of the bag is totally according to the client’s need. It has 400 to 2000 Denier and above are available. Liner options are available in valve bags from 25 microns to 75 microns or above at Blue Vision. Our PP valve bags and sacks are useful for Cattle Feed, Chemicals, Cement, Fertilizers, Seed, and Agro Industries. The main feature of Valve bags is that it has the locking system. As a result, it enhances the shelf life of the packed material.

Polypropylene Perforated Bags

We are an exporter of Polypropylene perforated bags. Our perforated bags and sacks are useful in the packaging of agriculture commodities, fertilizers, cement industries. The PP perforated sacks and bags have breath-ability properties. The PP perforated sacks and bags are widely useful for the packaging of fresh products. We offer these PP perforated sacks and bags which have small holes that allow the bag to pass the air. for that reason, it enhances the storage capacity of the material. We have the availability of customized colour, size, and designs in the perforated bags and sacks. In addition, our prime motive is to manufacture and export bags. This will help us to provide satisfaction to the customers. We export durable as well as strong PP perforated bags and sacks.

BOPP bags

categories of BOPP bags

Seed Bags

Blue Vision Exim offer Laminated BOPP Bags, Non-laminated BOPP Bags, Single Sided BOPP Bags, Multi color Printed Laminated PP Woven Sack, Both Sided BOPP Multi color Printed Laminated PP Woven Sack and Bags with Glossy and Metallic finish. Hence, these are the options available with the facility of customized design for Bags to our customers. In addition to it, the customers can also forward their own design. We always work for meeting the customer requirements

Pulses Bags

Our BOPP Pulses Bags are one of the most popular and most sought-after product lines in the manufacturing industry. The Designs, Art and Printing of the BOPP Pulses Bags done while maintaining the quality standards. We offer customers the design and packaging that best suits their needs. We offer packages ranging from 10 kg to 50 kg.

Animal Feed Bags

We are a leading exporter and supplier of pet food bags from India. In addition, we offer BOPP Animal Feed Bags with customized designs, printing with multi colour options to the customers. Many livestock feeders, poultry feed, chicken feed connected to us. Further, our customers have various

Flour Bags

We offer our customers beautiful, attractive and strong Wheat Flour Bags. Our customers have the option to forward their designs for customization. Further, customization helps to enhance the requirements of the customers. In addition to this, the Designing and Printing of the bags is depends on the customer’s needs.

We offer Laminated, Non-laminated, Single Sided Multi color BOPP Bags and Woven Sack, Both Sided Printed Multi Color Laminated PP Woven Sack, Both Sided BOPP Metalized Printed Multi Color Laminated PP Woven Sack and Bags.

Rice Bags

We offer our customers beautiful, attractive and strong Rice Bags. Our customers have the option to forward their designs for customization. Further, customization helps to enhance the requirements of the customers. In addition to this, the Designing and Printing of the bags is depends on the customer’s needs.

We offer Laminated, Non-laminated, Single Sided Multi color BOPP Bags and Woven Sack, Both Sided Printed Multi Color Laminated PP Woven Sack, Both Sided BOPP Metalized Printed Multi Color Laminated PP Woven Sack and Bags.

FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bag’s

Blue Vision is a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier of FIBC bags. These bags are useful for industrial product packaging. The FIBC bags are also called as Jumbo bags, Big bags, and Shipping bags. We offer high-quality bags for bulk packaging and are feasible to use. Some advantages of FIBC Bags are as given below:

  • FIBC Polypropylene bags have cost-effectiveness.
  • These bags not required any other packaging.
  •  These FIBC bags are feasible, reliable and easy to use.
  • It reduces the unit cost as they purchased as bulk bags.
  • Also, allow using space in an efficient manner.
  •  FIBC bags can carry 1000 folds weight from its own weight.

different types of FIBC bags:

We are the exporter, supplier wide range of FIBC bags and have several types to meet the client requirement. FIBC designs are available and they are as:

Circular Bulk Bags

Our woven polypropylene bags include circular bulk bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FlBCs) aka jumbo bags, super bags, Big Bag or bulk bags. Our Circular construction bag contains eight trajectories reinforced from extra-high- performance polypropylene webbing processed with UV into FIBC fabrics. Tramlines strengthen the stress zone where stitches are sewn. Other than this, the Circular bags with sports bars that allow operators to easily enter the intersection. Below are the circular technology advantage:

  • Less stressed areas appear with reduced amounts.
  • Generally, it also attractive appearance because the page is missing.
  •  It usually good with fine particles that sifted.
  •  Apart from the above, it also increased moisture resistance.

U Panel FIBC Bags

Our U-panel design is a choice of FIBC for very safe payloads. The body design of the bag is a continuous “U” panel with two opposite sides of the wall. Further, here are some advantages of the following U-panels:

  • Exceptional strength for heavy loads
  •  A less tense area at the bottom of the bag
  •  Square appearance through vertical side layers
  •  Good for fine products that sift.

Garden/Waste Bags

Blue Vision Exim has expertise in making bags for recycling products that are employed by Households, Waste Collection and Waste Management companies. Garden bags are wont to carry garden waste and make it possible for the green waste to breathe. We have this bag as an answer to customers, who wants to gather their garden waste and recycling that again. This bag may be an environment-friendly product for agricultural use. These bags are used by Households and Municipal corporations for waste and residues from individuals, properties, construction, and other activities.