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Manufacturer And Exporter Of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, Bulk Bags Jumbo Bags, Seed Bags, Pulse Bags, Laminated Or Non- Laminated Pp Woven Bags, and various Other Industrial Bags

Blue Vision Exim’s integrated World Class Facility for Food and Pharma grade FIBC is located in Indore, India. Our integrated Food grade FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, Seed Bags, Pulse Bags, Laminated Or Non- Laminated Pp Woven Bags, and various Other Industrial Bags facility allows us to create highly customized solutions to meet customer requirements. Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to produce 10 million FIBC bags, 30 million PP Bags per annum. We ensure precision and reliability in our products.

We have vast products range regarding FIBC Bags, PP Bags, Laminated Or Non Laminated Woven Bags And Sacks.
We supply as well as export the quality products with the vast category. The products we serve having flawless finish along with long durability. We served our products on the basis of the requirements of the client

The other factor is the customer satisfaction that we can give promise about. The product specification we provide is the best in the International Market.

Quality Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, Bulk Bags Jumbo Bags, Seed Bags, Pulse Bags, Laminated Or Non- Laminated Pp Woven Bags, and various Other Industrial Bags Exporter

Yemen, Ecuador, Iran, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Africa, Denmark, Serbia, Turkey, Macau, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Romania, Spain, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Algeria, Gambia, Thailand, Kuwait, Finland, Norway, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, France, Australia, Oman, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, New Zealand, Bahrain, Mexico etc.

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We are Exporting the best quality product around the world, You need the best product on time you are at the right place @ Blue Vision Exim

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We help the foreign company to introduce their best quality product in India and help them to find local partners in India.

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We are working as local partners of our foreign client to source the best quality product from India as per client requirement and Specification.

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